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"Emily is an incredibly important teacher to me because she was the first instructor who really encouraged me to use my unique perspective to make art. I probably learned how to make more forms of art in her classroom than all of others combined. Even as an adult working in the sciences, I still use many of her techniques, and I'm so glad that she taught me how to see the world in a unique way." -Nathan (former student)

"The children are given opportunities to explore and experiment with drawing, painting, and more. The lessons are age appropriate, open ended, and engaging. In a relaxed and supportive environment, students are exposed to a variety of artists and art styles while being encouraged to develop their own unique style. Jason combines his knowledge of art and his understanding of child development to create a truly magical experience for all children." -Gabrielle (school teacher)

"Jason and Emily have been teaching artists for many years. As a former colleague I have had the pleasure of watching their joyful and creative talents enrich young artists they have worked with. They bring a love of art to every lesson and a deep understanding of the expressive needs of children. Every child would be lucky to experience the artful guidance of these two wonderful art educators." -Susan (former colleague) 

"Emily would always be there smiling and making me feel welcome and excited about doing art. She had the most confidence in her students and always made art fun and enjoyable. Emily made every student of hers feel so special and cared for. I will forever appreciate the time and the memories that I had with her as my art teacher." -Tatiana (former student)

"We were so thrilled To participate in Emily’s art class! She makes every child feel special and really appreciates all their artwork no matter what level or ability.

Whether the class was over zoom or in person, Emily made sure each child was able to find his or their voice. She let them express themselves and they got an opportunity to work with different mediums of art that they had never been exposed to. They worked with clay, colors, and even did printmaking! It definitely boosted my daughter's self-confidence to have a teacher give her guidance and encouragement. Thank you Emily for such a fun experience and we look forward to many more classes and workshops in the future!” -Dalina (parent of a student)

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